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Essay A Day When Everything Went Wrong

A day when everything went wrong: There are necessarily some days in everyone’s life in which everything takes a wrong turn leaving one helpless and paralyzed at the grave losses and their problematic consequences. Actually, this is a fact that there is usually one factor that leads to a series of problems that one is left to face in a single day. I myself remember one such day when I could not get a hold on my bad temper as a result of which literally everything that day slipped out of my hands right in front of my eyes. In most of the cases, a person experiences some seriously unpleasant issue in the morning that leads to a perturbed mood and morose behavior. If one is not able to control those resentful feelings in the very start, then the whole day is guaranteed to be spent in a thoroughly distasteful manner. I experienced this highly memorable day when I was in my high school. I got up in the morning slightly late for school with a swinging headache. Slowly, I managed to go downstairs for a hurried breakfast when it hit my mind that I had my English literature paper that day which was set to start just after ten minutes. When I finally got a hold on myself after a minute, I anxiously left for the college in a rush only to find half an hour later that I was not allowed to sit in the exam hall at any cost.

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A day when everything went wrong

There are necessarily some days in everyone’s life in which everything takes a wrong turn leaving one helpless and paralyzed at the grave losses and their problematic consequences. Actually,

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...On that dayeverythingwentwrong, I fell on the ground with a "BONG"! I hurt my elbows and knees And misplaced my cupboard keys. I dreamt of a horrible ghost, At breakfast I burnt my toast. I couldn't find my tie, I couldn't find my shirt And when I did find it, it was covered in dirt! I came to know, when I heard the clock's chime That I had lost control of time. It was past six fifteen, O, How stupid I had been! On that very day, I missed my bus And then I made a pretty good fuss! I just didn't want to go to school, But as a rule, I was called a fool! When I got to school, it was then I realised I had forgotten to do the work assigned! In vain, I asked to be excused, Obviously, I was refused! I was badly given a whack on my back, I thought it made the scale almost crack. But that wasn't the end, there was more, wait! Between sobs, I cursed my fate! My teacher classified good girls & bad girls, And then she threw abuses in hurls! When I was almost woebegone She stopped by calling me a 'moron'! She asked me to go and sit in my place, To tie my lace and wipe my face! I sat on the chair with a sudden jerk And quietly went on with my work. During breaktime, I realised I was broke, Now I couldn't have a hot dog or a coke! What is the use of a recess? If...

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