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Eng 101 Quiz 3 Solved Assignment

Course Content...AssignmentsReview Test Submission: Quiz 2HReview Test Submission: Quiz 2Review Test Submission: Quiz 2UserBrian HarrisonCourse201720 Spring 2017 ENGL 101-B44 LUOTestQuiz 2Started1/28/17 4:58 PMSubmitted1/28/17 5:25 PMDue Date1/30/17 11:59 PMStatusCompletedAttempt Score19 out of 20 points Time Elapsed27 minutes out of 1 hourInstructionsTime limit: 1 hour20 multiple choice questionsOpen-book/open-notesDo not hit the BACK button as this will lock you out of the quiz.The timer will continue if you leave this quiz without submitting it.Results DisplayedSubmitted Answers, FeedbackQuestion 1Which of the following is not a useful proofreading strategy?Selected Answer:ignore patterns of misspellingsQuestion 2What does it mean to revise your essay?Selected Answer:to re-see the whole and then rework itQuestion 3Efective conclusions do what?Selected Answer:may look backward or forwardQuestion 4What are assumptions?

ENG101 Assignment Question no 1 Solution

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

There are many people who although talented, have wasted their gifts and just not worked hard to support themselves. These types of people might be famous and well known, but in the long term and the bigger picture, fade into the background when really skillful and ‘hard working’ people come into the scene.
It boils down to your work ethic and how much effort you’re willing to put into something. As many people know, with life, you get what you put into it, so if you’ve got something you’re aiming for, something you want to do, work hard and you’ll create your own talent.

Talent is thought of as a gift for something.. A aptitude that’s a cut above the rest and lets the individual really excel at the task in question but talent doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes, by working hard people can develop talent and what seems to be a gift is in fact just the result of working REALLY hard for a long time. Many famous people are famous not because they’ve hit ‘overnight success’ but because behind the scenes they’ve been working really hard.

I strongly agree with this quote because if you work hard for something
that you want then you will get it because you work hard.
Just because you are not smart doesn't mean you can't be smart.
Work hard for the thing you want because talent will not always get you far in life.

ENG101 Assignment Question no 2 Solution

Q: Read the above mentioned text carefully and give it a suitable title.
Ans: Share the Stress otherwise you eat up yourself

Q: The author’s purpose is to?

Q: What is genre of the text?

Q: Mention the narrator’s point of view after reading the text.

Q: What is the tone of the writer in the text?
Ans: Gloomy

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