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Pharmcas Essay Prompt Examples

PharmCAS Personal Statement Requirements

The PharmCAS personal statement has very few requirements. Basically they are:

  • A pharmacology personal statement must be limited to 4500 characters or less including spaces. Anything over will not be included.
  • Describe how the pharmaceutical degree relates to your immediate and long-term professional goals and how your personal, educational and professional background will help you achieve your goals.

What you must do is show that you have the motivation and commitment to complete the course as well as the academic ability and knowledge necessary. You have about one page to make a good case as to why you should be accepted into a pharmaceutical program. The PharmCAS personal statement will be sent to every pharmaceutical program you apply to, and can’t be edited once it is entered so don’t include a school name in your personal statement.

Suggestions for Writing the PharmCAS Personal Statement

The pharmaceutical personal statement you submit to various schools through PharmCAS is going to be the first impression that admissions personnel have of you and you want it to be a good one. So what are you going to write about in your pharmaceutical science personal statement? Take your cue from the prompt provided by PharmCAS.

Include the following in your personal statement:

  • Discuss why you chose to pursue a pharmaceutical career and what made you become interested in the field. Make sure to keep it about you
  • What have you done that shows your interest outside of school? Volunteer work that is related, shadowing and observing in a hospital or pharmacy setting or anything else that demonstrates your interest.
  • If you lack related experience discuss experiences you have that demonstrate desirable qualities like interpersonal skills and attention to detail
  • Be specific when you write your personal statement. Provide examples that support what you state. If you say you have initiative, give an example of how you have displayed that initiative.

It is difficult to write about yourself and achieve the right balance. You want to display your good qualities and do a good job selling your qualifications without overdoing it. If you are having difficulty with the PharmCAS personal statement, our pharmaceutical personal statement service can help.

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Expert PharmCAS Personal Statement Assistance

Our service specializes in PharmCAS and pharmaceutical related personal statements. The professional writers we use have pharmaceutical degrees and are very familiar with the PharmCAS personal statement and application process. If you have a personal statement that needs work, they can polish it and make improvements in areas that need it. If necessary they can also write a completely original personal statement for you. They know what to include in pharmaceutical personal statements and the best way to present your information to create the right impression. Advantages of using our service include:

  • Free plagiarism checks on personal statements we provide
  • Unlimited revisions at no extra cost
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Complete customer confidentiality

Contact us for a high quality pharmaceutical personal statement that makes the impression you want.

Concerned about writing your personal statement for your PharmCAS application? UCSOP wants to help!  It’s actually simple – start by thinking of your personal statement as a story about you—specifically, your academic and personal journey. Be sure to include commentary and reflection on how your academic and personal experiences have led up to you wanting to become a pharmacist. Your story should focus on:

  1. YOU! Talk about yourself. This one of the rare occasions in life you have to actually write about YOU! Take advantage of this opportunity. Explain why you want to be a pharmacist. Talk about the academic, personal and/or work experiences that have led you this point in your academic career.
  2. Setting yourself apart. Explain how you are different! Committees are looking for something personal as well as analytical. This might require you to disclose information you would not normally share and/or examine your life (successes and failures) more critically.
  3. Pharmacy. The writing prompt for PharmCAS is specific in that it asks applicants to discuss why they want to pursue a career in pharmacy. In order to capture the attention of committees, it is important to include discussion on why being a pharmacist is important to you. Has it been a life-long dream? Was there an experience or event that led you down this path? Share those things with details to demonstrate your commitment to pharmacy practice.

Still have writer’s block? Brainstorm! Get out a paper (any paper) and a writing implement (pen, crayon, marker—whatever is nearby) and start answering some of these basic questions:

  • What is special, unique, distinctive, or impressive about your life story? Do you have notable accomplishments? Have you traveled the world? Do you volunteer to work with patients at a local hospital? Do you currently work in a pharmacy? You get where I’m going here . . . BRAINSTORM!
  • Why are you interested in pharmacy? What area of practice might you like to pursue? Community pharmacy? Academic pharmacy? Managed care? Hospital? (Find out more about career options in pharmacy by visiting: http://www.aacp.org/RESOURCES/STUDENT/PHARMACYFORYOU/PHARMACYCAREERINFO/Pages/default.aspx.)
  • What work experiences do you have in relationship to pharmacy practice? If you haven’t worked in a pharmacy, what other types of work experiences will help you when working with patients or just with the rigor of the academic program (interpersonal skills, caregiving skills, attention-to-detail, etc.)?
  • What obstacles or hardships (personal, professional, academic) have you encountered along your journey?
  • What skills/characteristics do you possess—leadership, perseverance, enthusiasm, integrity, etc. that will allow you to be successful?
  • Why should the admissions committee be interested in you in particular? Again, brainstorm some ideas. Past academic excellence? Job-related experience? Personal experience?

WRITE! After brainstorming, it’s time to write! You may find it helpful to make an outline using your brainstorming ideas.  Organize your thoughts with a strong introductory paragraph. Tell the committee who you are but also consider how your story relates to the desire to join the pharmacy profession. And don’t forget to PROOFREAD. Share with others too! Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes will catch mistakes you do not. Be sure not to hit submit until you are certain there aren’t any grammatical or content errors. And, above all, always be sure that your personal statement is just that, YOURS. Never copy or borrow another person’s work. This can delay your application or even stop the application process altogether!

Additional things to consider:

  • Be mindful of the required word limit
  • Proofread (more than once)
  • Be sure to connect your discussion to pharmacy
  • Be honest, open and truthful (but don’t overshare—you don’t want to include things that might cause a committee to question your judgment)
  • Don’t write for a specific school*

Good luck with your application and your essay!

*The PharmCAS personal statement is intended for all schools to which you are applying.

Dr. Susan M. Gardner, Assistant Dean for Professional and Student Affairs

University of Charleston School of Pharmacy


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