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The 17 Best SAT Prep Books Ever Written

With hundreds of SAT prep books in bookstores and on Amazon, it’s bewildering to make a choice of SAT prep books that will actually help your score.

That’s why I’m glad you found this article. You see, I’m a ridiculously experienced SAT prep tutor in Austin, Texas with multiple perfect scores, and I’ve read and used nearly every modern SAT prep book that’s been published.

From those hundreds of SAT prep books, I’ve selected the seventeen best SAT prep books. These are books that any student can use to raise their score at home or with a tutor. (Don’t worry, you probably won’t need all seventeen!)

I’ve provided a “quick list” of these top SAT prep books with links to more detailed descriptions of each book below. You can also easily order any of these books through the Amazon links.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting your SAT prep started, or if you’re already an SAT ninja. There’s something in this list for you. I promise, you will find a book that you can use to get higher SAT scores today. So let’s get reading!

Disclaimer: We receive a (very) small commission for your Amazon purchases through our links. This has not affected our choice of books.


Quick-List of the Best SAT Prep Books

The Official SAT Prep Book

This book provides the official prep materials released by the makers of the SAT Test.

High School Time Management Tactics

This book shows teens how to get everything done - from SAT prep and school classes to sports and leadership positions.

The Best Comprehensive SAT Prep Books

These massive textbooks cover comprehensive strategies and significant practice for all sections of the SAT test.

The Best Subject-Targeted SAT Prep Books

These expert-author SAT prep books offer specialized strategies and practice for specific sub-sections of the SAT.

Best SAT Reading & Vocabulary Books:

Best SAT Writing & Language Books for Grammar and SAT Essay:

Best SAT Math Books:



The Official SAT Study Guide (2018 Edition)

When it comes to the best SAT prep books, there’s really only one to start with: The Official SAT Study Guide.

This book is considered the SAT tutor’s bible. It represents the official intentions of people who write the SAT test. That means there’s absolutely no doubt about the accuracy of the practice materials.

True, it’s a bit skimpy on useful strategies. It doesn’t do a wonderful job of teaching the essential content. And the explanations of the questions and answers are notoriously useless. But that’s not why you buy this book.

You buy this book because it’s filled with eight - count ’em, eight - official practice SAT tests. These full-length tests can be used in a variety of ways to improve your SAT score. In my view, the correct uses of these official practice tests include weekly homework, timed practice testing, and careful question-by-question study. You can also get creative.

Every other SAT prep book on this list, no matter how good it is, represents an “interpretation” of the SAT test. Only the Official SAT Study Guide is guaranteed to be a current and accurate representation of real test material.

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Ultimate Time Management for Teens and Students

Ultimate Time Management for Teens and Students is the only book on the list that’s not directly related to SAT prep, although it does feature an extensive chapter on SAT and ACT prep.

Instead, this book was written by an experienced SAT prep tutor (that’s me, actually!) to help students and parents find time for everything that’s important in high school.

In other words, reading and applying the lessons in this book will help you find the time to focus on the other SAT prep books on this list.

It’s not just about the short-term of high school. It’s also about finding and setting your personal goals and direction in life. High school is the best possible time to make these kinds of decisions. But, I’d guess less than 10% of teens are being taught how to make such big life choices.

This book is the ultimate guide to managing your time in high school, including specific tips for SAT prep. It covers everything about high school time management for teens. For everything from high school homework to sports to college applications, there’s a tip or secret for managing your time.

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Cracking the SAT Premium with 7 Practice Tests (2018 Edition)

Used by students and tutors alike, Cracking the SAT Premium from The Princeton Review is one of the best supplementary sources for full-length practice SAT tests. I recommend using it after you’ve completed the Official SAT Study Guide.

This textbook is a comprehensive review and practice workout for every topic on the SAT. It also includes excellent, commonsense strategies to manage your time on the test.

From Math to Reading, this book covers it all. There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about this textbook. It just covers nearly everything on the SAT with lessons and hardcore practice.

As you might guess, it’s not exactly short. This tome cracks in at 880 pages, but that’s about what it takes just to cover everything on the SAT test. Hey, no one said studying for the SAT was going to be fun (maybe that’s a good reason to hire a cool SAT tutor?)

No “unofficial” SAT materials will ever be perfect, but this book is from a major company that stays current. Cracking the SAT Premium is a comprehensive textbook that covers everything you’ll need to know for the SAT. Combined with The Official SAT Study Guide, these two books could keep you busy on your SAT prep for a year.

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Kaplan’s SAT Prep Plus 2018

The comprehensive textbook SAT Prep Plus 2018 is Kaplan’s take on the complete SAT prep book. Students who use this book praise its organization useful strategies for the real SAT test. When paired with The Official SAT Study Guide, It is an excellent reference book for your core SAT prep.

Like the other “comprehensive” books on this list, SAT Prep Plus will cover nearly every topic on the SAT test. That includes everything from basic Math concepts to advanced Grammar rules, and everything in between, including Reading and Vocabulary skills and Essay-Writing. It also includes over 1,400 practice SAT problems. As any professional SAT tutor will tell you, practice makes perfect!

It might just be me, but I tend to consider Kaplan’s SAT prep books slightly on the easier side of the spectrum. For comparison, I view The Princeton Review as being in the middle, with Barron’s often feeling the most difficult. Of course, these judgments are purely personal, so take them with a grain of salt.

As always, I highly recommend incorporating The Official SAT Study Guide alongside any “unofficial” SAT prep book. Don’t forget, you can also supplement your weak spots with additional subject-focused SAT prep books on this list!

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SAT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published

The SAT Prep Black Book was written by a full-time practicing SAT tutor who is regarded as one of the best in the business. His private tutoring lessons go for hundreds of dollars an hour. It’s a well-known book that’s like being inside the mind of a perfect-scoring, professional SAT tutor while he breaks down every important point and weak spot of each practice question.

The essence of the SAT Prep Black Book is its 600+ detailed breakdowns of real example problems from official SAT tests. It’s a strong combination of content and strategy. It doesn’t just cover the steps to solve the problems, but also often reveals how you might arrive at those steps yourself.

This is a dense textbook, so don’t go in expecting a light read. However, it’s particularly useful if you can’t afford a private SAT tutor, since it will go into detail on similar topics as your tutor would.

Note well: this book is not a standalone. It’s intended to combo with the first four official practice SAT tests released by the College Board. Not to worry. You should have The Official SAT Study Guide in your home library anyway. But if you don’t, it’s easy to get those practice SAT tests for free online, as long as you can print out paper copies.

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McGraw-Hill’s SAT 2018

SAT 2018 from McGraw-Hill is one of the lesser-known comprehensive SAT prep book. You’re more likely to hear references to The Princeton Review or Kaplan Test Prep. Still, McGraw-Hill is among the best for a complete course of SAT prep - especially if you’re studying on your own, without a private SAT tutor to guide you.

This comprehensive SAT prep book will cover 90% or more of all material on the SAT. It takes you from Math concepts in Algebra and Geometry to the rules of English grammar. No stone is left unturned, so you’ll also learn about the SAT Essay, plus strategies for Reading Comprehension.

Choose this book if you need a second perspective, additional practice tests, or if the McGraw-Hill style fits you better than Princeton Review or Kaplan. This book is commonly considered slightly more difficult than the other popular “comprehensive” options, so take that into advisement - but judge for yourself.

SAT 2018 also includes 4 full-length practice SAT exams with a reasonably good degree of accuracy. Although the question distribution might not be perfectly realistic because of the book’s slightly elevated average difficulty, the SAT practice sets are still extremely useful for reaching a higher score.

As always, we recommend using any “unofficial” comprehensive SAT prep textbook in close conjunction with The Official SAT Study Guide. Use a book like SAT 2018 for strategy and content review. Then practice relentlessly with the official practice SAT tests. Then you can use any unofficial practice tests as supplemental materials.

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Barron’s New SAT Flash Cards: 500 Flash Cards to Help You Achieve a Higher Score

Don’t like studying SAT prep from a textbook? This flashcard set provides you with an easy flashcard-based alternative!

Barron’s New SAT Flash Cards Set gives you 500 key SAT test concepts in flashcard form. So, you can quickly drill basic concepts without the need to make your own flashcards by hand. (Of course, I think it’s better to make your own flashcards - but in high school we don’t always have time for that, do we?)

This flashcard set covers a bit of everything on the SAT, from math techniques to vocabulary words, grammar rules, and SAT testing strategies. That’s also its main weakness, since it won’t provide enough focused practice to leave you feeling completely confident you’ve learned everything.

It may not be the most comprehensive way to prepare for the SAT. For that, you’ll want a more complete textbook with full-length practice SAT tests. But, for quick review and refreshing, these SAT prep flashcards can’t be beaten.

These cards are especially perfect for a warm-up on the morning of the official SAT test!

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The Critical Reader: The Complete Guide to SAT Reading

The Critical Reader (3rd Edition) is one of many books by wonderful SAT tutor and author Erica Meltzer. At Love the SAT Test Prep, we’ve come to rely on her excellent textbooks as reference materials, and this book is no different.

Offering both strategy and practice for readers at any level, this is one of the truly useful specialized textbooks on the SAT Reading section. Many of the methods taught in this book overlap perfectly with my own observations after seven years of elite SAT prep tutoring.

In this book, each element of the SAT Reading passages, questions, and answer choices gets a detailed breakdown. Students should expect to do a lot of reading along the way (you should be doing that anyway). But, by the end of this book, they’ll see the SAT Reading test through the eyes of a perfect-scoring pro tutor.

If you need to break your SAT Reading score out of a rut, this is the perfect secret weapon to get your hands on. Order it from Amazon today, because you’re unlikely to find Erica’s books in a real-world bookstore!

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SAT Vocabulary: A New Approach

There’s a persistent myth that “vocabulary is no longer on the new SAT test,” but if you really believe that, you couldn’t be more wrong.

SAT Vocabulary: A New Approach will help you raise your SAT Reading score (and your overall reading-comprehension skills) by boosting your vocabulary. The vocab selection and teaching style are carefully tailored to the needs of SAT Verbal students.

Vocabulary skills are still a fundamental requirement for the kind of Reading scores that colleges expect. What’s more, the same words can appear again in the “grammar” section of the SAT. That’s why vocabulary is doubly important for a strong SAT Verbal score.

Co-authors Larry Krieger and Erica Meltzer are both excellent educators, writers, and SAT-testing strategists. I’ve worked with Larry in the past, and emailed a bit with Erica. I don’t know if they’d remember me, but I definitely remember them as two instructors I would trust with my own students’ SAT scores.

I predict that this book will become a sleeper hit for dedicated verbal students. It’s perfect for high school kids who are devoted not only to raising their SAT Reading score, but also their overall comprehension skills and personal verbal expressiveness.

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500 Essential SAT Vocabulary Flashcards

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a huge believer in the importance of vocabulary if you want to improve your SAT Reading score and your overall life as well. The 500 Essential SAT Vocabulary Flashcards from The Princeton Review are one of my long-time favorite flashcard packs for building your vocabulary - now updated for the new SAT Reading section.

This is a sturdy workhorse of SAT vocabulary flashcards, with an excellent selection of words and clear definitions. The set also includes a few useful extras - particularly the 50 bonus flashcards with important formulas and prompts for SAT Math, SAT Essay, and other topics.

I’ve been recommending this set of SAT flashcards for almost 7 years, so I was very happy when I saw that The Princeton Review had updated it for the New SAT.

As always, don’t be fooled by the rumors that “vocabulary is not on the SAT anymore.” Any good SAT tutor will tell you otherwise. Vocabulary is key to reading speed, comprehension, and confidence. You simply cannot get a good SAT score without a strong vocabulary.

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Barron’s SAT Vocabulary Flash Cards (2nd Edition)

As I’ve mentioned, building your vocabulary can have a remarkable effect on your SAT Reading score. I’m a huge believer in the old-fashioned methods, like making your own vocab flashcards by hand.

The problem is, the old-school way takes a lot of time, and high school students these days are extremely busy. That’s where Barron’s SAT Vocabulary Flashcards come in.

This box set provides you with 500 vocab words that commonly appear on the SAT. Each word is pre-made into a flippable flashcard that you can use to drill with, right out of the box. Of course, it would be even better to make your own cards by hand, but who has time for that?!

If you can drill these SAT vocab flashcards for 15 minutes a day, you’ll be ahead of 9 out of 10 students on the SAT Reading test. They’ll also help you with your college coursework in a year or two!

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The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar

Want the best book for a higher SAT Writing and Language Test score? Your best choice by far is The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar, by Erica Meltzer. It’s now in its 4th edition, but we’ve been using it since the first version was released years ago.

This a truly comprehensive (but highly approachable) guide to the grammar rules on the SAT. Every possible grammar-question type is clearly identified and explained in approachable terms. No stone is left unturned, from the most obvious and critical rules of grammar, to some of the rarest and “weirdest” grammar rules on the SAT. The author literally knows *everything* about the SAT grammar test, and it shows.

But it’s not overwhelming - the organization of the book is excellent for students and tutors alike. It’s structured to start with fundamental English rules in isolated, simple situations. Gradually more difficult grammar concepts are layered on, and the practice sessions become more complex and realistic until they feel exactly like real SAT questions.

By the end of the book, you’ll be almost as familiar with the SAT grammar section as a perfect-scoring tutor. And that’s not all - if you complete this book, not only will you have a much higher SAT Verbal score, you’ll also be genuinely more confident with the rules of English grammar. The payoff will continue long past your next SAT test and help you in college and career as well.

P.S. Don’t forget to get the companion workbook for even more delicious SAT Grammar practice!

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The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar Workbook

For students who want to truly dominate the SAT Writing and Language test with dependable confidence, pick up this matching workbook to go along with The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar.

Written by the same author, this SAT grammar workbook contains six unique multiple-choice exams designed to prepare you for the SAT grammar test. Every question and answer also has a thorough explanation provided by an excellent SAT English tutor.

As a pro SAT tutor and perfect-scorer myself, I put a lot of faith in understanding a concept deeply, but I’m also a huge believer in “grinding it out.” In other words, “practice makes perfect,” and once you understand the rules of English grammar, it’s time to practice them. This is the best book to help you with that for the SAT Writing and Language test.

By the way, this SAT grammar workbook could be used for standalone practice, but keep in mind that it works best when used alongside the original textbook. And remember, grammar skills aren’t just good for your SAT score - they’re good for college and for the rest of your life!

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Nielson Phu’s SAT prep books are among the best in the industry, and The College Panda’s SAT Writing Guide and Workbook is no exception.

Every significant SAT grammar rule is covered, from the most common (like commas and clauses) to the most obscure and technical. That makes this book an excellent resource for students in all SAT score ranges. It includes hundreds of practice SAT-style questions that are tailored to help students lock in the grammar lessons they are learning as they go along.

For targeted SAT grammar review and practice, the only possible rival to this book is Erica Meltzer’s Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar. If you want to achieve ultimate mastery of English grammar for the SAT test, consider working through both books, plus Erica’s additional workbook.

Don’t forget one of my favorite aspects of SAT grammar prep as a tutor: your improvements will also help you in high school classes, on the ACT test, in your college coursework, and in your career. That’s why you can’t go wrong picking up this book and improving your SAT Writing and Language score at the same time.

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The College Panda’s SAT Essay: The Battle-Tested Guide for the New SAT

Want a tested, proven template for a repeatable perfect score on the SAT Essay, test after test? Not sure exactly what you’re supposed to write for the SAT Essay? Or, feel anxious and stressed whenever you have to write a high-stakes timed essay?

No matter what your personal SAT essay-writing challenge is, The College Panda’s SAT Essay Guide is the book for you.

This no-frills, high-impact book comes straight from the source: a teacher who cracked the new SAT Essay personally on official SAT tests. He figured out how to get perfect scores on the SAT Essay whenever he wanted. Then he codified his approach into a repeatable method that other students can copy and put it into a short book.

The key to acing the SAT Essay is understanding exactly what this unique essay demands. Only then can you consistently reproduce an essay that dependably satisfies the requirements for a top score, according to the SAT grading rubric.

This is not the same generic “essay fluff” advice you get from so many other sources on the SAT Essay. While that type of basic high school essay advice doesn’t necessarily hurt, what you really want is a strategic approach custom-tailored to the demands of the SAT Essay. Order this book and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

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(BONUS) Complete SAT Essay & ACT Essay Course

I’ve actually made my own course on the SAT Essay & ACT Essay - get it here - which includes all the best and deepest strategies I’ve discovered after seven years of professional tutoring and multiple perfect scores.

Unlike any other resource on the list, this course covers both the SAT and ACT Essays. It’s also fantastic to use for just one test or the other. Sections include “Basic Rules,” “Essential Strategies,” and “Deep Details” for both tests.

I don’t mean to brag, but it’s basically like sitting down with a perfect-scoring veteran tutor and getting ALL his tips for both essays, boiled down to the very best time-tested strategies.

This is actually an MP3 audio / multimedia course so that gives you some great options as well - take it on your phone, tablet, or MP3 player.

It’s available for instant download in our online store and it’s only available from us here at Love the SAT - no one else has access to these exclusive tips. If you want a higher essay score and more confidence on the SAT Essay, get this course today - I promise, you won’t regret it.

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PWN the SAT: Math Guide

When you’re looking for specialized Math prep for the new SAT, look no further than the PWN the SAT Math Guide. Written with a lot of personality by a great SAT Math tutor, this medium-sized textbook is perfect for any hardworking student who wants a higher SAT Math score.

This SAT Math prep book covers everything you need for a perfect score, including Calculator and No-Calculator questions. Mike breaks down the book contents according to the SAT test itself, so that all useful SAT math topics from Algebra to Geometry to Statistics are covered in great detail.

Emphasis in this book is on problem solving, rather than rote learning. As a perfect-scoring SAT tutor myself, I can confirm that this flexible, adaptive, and optimistic problem-solving is exactly what students need to succeed on SAT Math.

A highly respected independent tutor and SAT prep blogger, author Mike McClenathan keeps his material current for each update to the SAT test. He seems to know exactly the math topics you need to know, and how to teach them clearly and simply. I would trust him with my own SAT Math tutoring students any day.

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One of the best SAT math prep books for ambitious and hard-working high school students. The College Panda’s SAT Math Guide and Workbook is written by a perfect-scorer and professional engineer. He also happens to be a top-rated SAT prep tutor on the side!

This book isn’t like the giant 800-page textbooks of test prep that some of the big companies put out. It’s a more focused and slightly slimmer book (about 300 pages) written by a single individual tutor, which is a great style for students.

However, don’t worry about it being incomplete - there are over 500 practice problems included with all the SAT math concept review you’ll need to succeed. It also covers some of the most common careless math mistakes that students make on the SAT test, and how to prevent them.

The extraordinarily high customer ratings speak to the quality of the SAT math prep in this book: it’s rated 5 stars with over 140 customer reviews. In fact, it’s single best-rated SAT or ACT prep book that I know of.

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The Best SAT Prep Books: Conclusions & Review

There are more great SAT prep books out there than you could read in a lifetime. But, for me, this list represents the pinnacle of the best SAT prep books.

Remember, each book has been hand-selected by a perfect-scoring SAT prep tutor with hundreds of successful students.

Also remember: you should always start with official SAT Prep Book. Right now. That’s The Official SAT Study Guide.

Once you understand your strengths and weaknesses, get specialized SAT prep books to target your weak spots. Also, read some of our key articles on SAT Reading, Grammar, Math, and the Essay - plus how to get a higher SAT score from home.

After you’ve worked out your weak spots, get new copies and do The Official SAT Study Guide again. This time, the practice tests will have an entirely new set of lessons to teach you. Mastery of the SAT test will be ever-closer to your fingers for each practice test you complete.

Beyond that, if you need extra practice - use the comprehensive SAT prep books on this list.

Last but not least, a human touch can work wonders. Get an SAT prep tutor to help you with the parts you can’t figure out.


Prefer Not to Learn from a Book? Contact Us for Personalized SAT Prep!

It’s great to teach yourself from the best SAT prep books, but not every high school student can sit down with a pile of SAT textbooks and be self-motivated (or find the time) to use them.

If you need a higher SAT score, but aren’t sure if you have the willpower (or the time) to grind through all these SAT workbooks, then we can help.

At Love the SAT Test Prep, we focus on getting higher SAT and ACT scores for teens and high school students so they can get into their favorite colleges and win more scholarship money.

Contact us today for a FREE personalized consultation for your SAT and ACT Prep. We can help you plan for 1-on-1 SAT Tutoring, practice testing, or small-group SAT Prep Classes.

Before you go, be sure to join our SAT Prep email list! And, don’t forget to leave a comment or question below the article. Talk again soon!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our similar list on the 14 best ACT prep books ever written!


With so many SAT prep books to choose from, how can you tell the good ones from the bad? Not to worry - we've evaluated the books for you. This fully updated guide gives you our recommendations for the top 11 new SAT preparation books to help you achieve the scores you seek.

To best outline the differences, I've divided the books into three sections: the best overall books, the best books for SAT Math, and the best books for SAT Reading and Writing. Before jumping into the recommendations, a word about my perspective.


Disclaimer: Why Am I Recommending Books?

You might be wondering why PrepScholar, known for its online SAT prep program, is going old school and recommending an SAT book list. As SAT experts who have made it our mission to understand the test and help students succeed, we are dedicated to providing you with the best resources to achieve your academic and personal goals. If you're self-motivated and prefer to have SAT books for your prep, then they can be a great way to learn content, practice strategies, and try sample questions.

That being said, all of the books recommended below have strengths and weaknesses. Several of them seem as if they were rushed to publication to get ahead of the new SAT, and many unfortunately don't offer the same level of quality that they did in previous versions (more on this below). 

I believe PrepScholar has managed to integrate the best parts of these books into its online prep program while adding the helpful element of accountability. We help you plan out and stick to your study schedule, keep track of your progress, and focus on the specific skills and practice problems that you most need to improve your scores.

With books, you can try to customize your study plan to your specific needs too—but with PrepScholar, we do all that heavy lifting for you. Plus, considering the huge gains you can get from it, it's much more cost effective than buying all these books.

Since we're not necessarily benefiting from these book recommendations, you can trust that our advice is neutral, objective, and based on our and students' real experiences with these SAT preparation books. Before delving into the list, there's one more important thing for you to keep in mind about this list of best SAT prep books.


In the race to publish new SAT prep books, some companies chose to offer a mediocre version now instead of a better version later.


A Note on Prep Books for the New SAT 

The new SAT (out of 1600 points) came out in March 2016. Because we're still in the early phases of this new test, there's not as much practice material for the new SAT as there was for the old SAT. Unlike your predecessors, you don’t have years of previously administered tests to practice with. Instead, you have exactly eight official new SAT practice tests—better than nothing, but a small number compared to all the practice tests for the old SAT.

Your limited official material makes it all the more important to find high quality, realistic practice questions for the SAT. As I mentioned above, I’m confident that PrepScholar offers these high-quality questions in its online program. Some of the books I recommend below also offer realistic problems, but not all of them have been fully updated for the new SAT, even over a year out.

These books are produced at the ultra-competitive intersection of publishing and SAT prep, so some of them may have been slapped together in a rush. Many have complained that Barron’s, for instance, recycled way too many old SAT Math problems, and Princeton Review has come under fire for using now obsolete, abstract wording rather than the straightforward style of the redesigned test. Rather than treat the new SAT as its own test and build material from the ground up, as PrepScholar did with its materials, these companies tried to reuse questions that are no longer relevant.

To give you variety in your book choices, I’ve included the top 11 SAT prep books that are available at this time. Unfortunately, some of the books on this list have significant weaknesses, so you should make sure to be discerning as you select your study materials. You can also check back over the year for updates, as some books are set to be updated and republished soon.

Since the best representation of SAT questions always come from the test makers themselves, I'll start this list with College Board's The Official SAT Study Guide. In the past, I would always recommend College Board's book as the best source of official practice questions. In this case, though, I don't necessarily think you should buy this book! Read on to find out why.


College Board's Official SAT Study Guide 

Amazon price: about $21

In past years, I told students that College Board’s book was the number one, critical book they had to have in their study arsenal. Now, I’m saying pretty much the opposite —don’t bother. Why? Because you can find all of its material for free online!

In a pretty decent move, College Board has stated its commitment to transparency and provided free online practice materials (they’re also strongly promoting their partnership with Khan Academy, which has useful video explanations to go along with the official questions).

Some students and educators were disappointed to buyThe Official Study Guide book only to find that its tests were the same exact ones offered online. Since the book doesn’t have scoring charts, you’ll need to go online anyway to score your practice tests.

So does the book offer anything beyond the practice tests? It does dedicate a bunch of pages to explaining the test structure, basic strategies, and answer explanations. Since you can find the majority of this info online, though, Iwouldn’t recommend buying the book unless you really want all the material printed out for you.

If you have access to a printer and a working internet connection, I’d say to take advantage of the free online material and learn about the SAT that way. The total number of tests is still limited, though, so you might space out these official tests throughout your prep as a way to gauge your progress and determine what concepts you need to study most.

In between these tests, you can supplement with questions from other books on this list. Read on for the pros and cons of the best overall books, along with the best books by section.


Best Overall SAT Prep Book: Kallis' SAT Pattern

Amazon price: about $32


Students and educators alike have reported having great experiences withKallis’ Redesigned SAT Pattern Strategy book. It provides six full-length practice tests, which add up to about 24 hours of practice testing. The questions are realistic and closely patterned after official College Board questions.

Kallis goes beyond College Board’s simple explanations to give step-by-step answer explanations for each question. These in-depth descriptions help you understand any mistakes and fix them for next time, a key practice for improving your scores.

Kallis discusses 100 topics that you’ll find on the new SAT and gives a clear and focused presentation of fundamental concepts in grammar, literature, and math. Beyond reviewing content, this book gives some analysis of the various question types, allowing you to take a more strategic approach as you test.

Finally, Kallis goes over the structure, format, and topics covered on the SAT in detail, so you’ll have a strong grasp of logistics before test day. This review will save you time in reading any instructions or understanding timing since you’ll know exactly what to expect when you take the SAT.



While Kallis has done a good job with realistic practice questions and content review, it’s less helpful for SAT strategies, like time management or process of elimination. Kallis emphasizes a “learning by doing” approach, so it doesn’t spend a lot of time going over mindset or strategies.

The Kallis book is relatively expensive, and it requires a lot of independence and self-discipline from you. You’ll need to take responsibility for dividing up the material in the most effective way and for designing and sticking to a productive study plan. The practice questions are there, but it’s up to you to put in the work and make the most out of them.

While Kallis is one of the best books out there right now for SAT prep, there are some others that offer comprehensive review for the SAT. Read on for four more suggestions for instruction, strategies, and practice problems.


Best Traditional Prep Books for Instruction, Strategy, and Practice Questions

The following books are of decent quality, but they have some serious weaknesses too. Since there are a limited number of prep books for the new SAT, these four are the best currently available for content review and practice problems. Let's go over the pros and cons of each.


The SAT Black Book, Second Edition

Amazon price: about $29


I highly recommend the SAT Black Book, Second Edition for its insightful strategies and advice on the SAT. The Black Book is written by Mike Barrett, who has taken the time to understand the New SAT inside and out. He reveals the different types of questions, and how you can recognize certain tricky wording and "distractor" answer choices.

I definitely recommend the Black Book for students who want to learn about the structure, format, and tricks of the test, as well as gain practical strategies for answering the questions and saving time. This book can be useful for students at all levels, as Barrett customizes his advice depending on your target scores. 

Besides its strategies, the Black Book gives you thorough answer explanations for questions on the first four official SAT practice tests. Where College Board doesn't walk you through the steps of a problem, or explain exactly why the other answer choices are incorrect, the Black Book guides you through each question on each practice test in detail.

This can help change your mindset when actually taking the SAT. You can incorporate this book's explanations and strategies into your own approach, so that you're confident when answering each question type. While the Black Book is great for strategy, though, it's less helpful for studying concepts.



The Black Book is a highly useful resource, but it's not sufficient on its own. First off, it doesn't have any of its own SAT practice questions. Instead, it needs to be used in conjunction with the official SAT practice tests. It refers directly to official SAT questions and gives thorough explanations, especially of the hardest questions.

The Black Book focuses on strategy and understanding the SAT, so it's not the strongest resource for reviewing concepts and content. If you're looking to completely relearn sentence parallelism or shape geometry, for instance, you would need an additional resource. 

Finally, while I find this book to be written in a more engaging style than the traditional SAT prep books, this is entirely a matter of opinion; Mike Barrett's explanation style and strategies might not work for everyone. I highly recommend checking it out and seeing which strategies work for you.


McGraw-Hill Education SAT 2018


Amazon price: about $13 


If you’re looking for an informative overview of the structure and content of the SAT, then McGraw-Hill Education SAT 2018 is a decent choice. It goes over the test in detail, from the number of questions to the time limits of each section, so you know exactly what to expect.

The practice questions, especially those in math, are realistic and resemble official College Board questions. For instance, the math questions feature real-world scenarios with problems about temperature and selling tickets for a performance. All the writing questions are based on passages, and the Reading questions feature tables and graphs to reflect the SAT’s emphasis on data interpretation.

While this book reviews content, it’s strongest in its presentation of math concepts. The book breaks down the topics in detail, including Heart of Algebra concepts—expressions, linear systems, inequalities, etc; Passport to Advanced Math—functions, quadratics, etc; Problem Solving and Data Analysis—rates, ratios, percentages, table, etc; and Additional Topics—geometry, basic trig, complex numbers.

Finally, this book gives you some helpful guidance when it comes to mapping out your study plan. Like PrepScholar’s program, it suggests that you begin with a diagnostic practice test and use it to shape your study plan. It also offers a few basic strategies, like improving your calculator fluency so you know when using a calculator is useful and when it might just slow you down.

This book also has four full-length practice tests. 



The other major con is its weakness in reviewing Reading and Writing. While it goes over the Math section in detail, its presentation of the verbal sections is more limited and somewhat unusual. It only discusses “ten essential rules” for Reading and Writing, and its review of the verbal sections is more conceptual and experimental than it is specific to the SAT. For instance, it features chapters with titles like the “Language of Truth, Truthfulness, and Beauty” and the “Language of Dissent, Criticism, and Rebellion.”

While these sections may be interesting to book lovers, they aren’t super specific to the SAT—a feature that I consider to be critical when prepping for this unique, idiosyncratic test. Perhaps these sections reflect the rush to get published that I mentioned above. Since the Math section isn’t changing all that much, McGraw-Hill was able to adapt and produce math problems pretty well. But since the Reading and Writing sections were dramatically revamped for the new SAT, they proved a greater challenge to capture in time for the new edition.

Students have cited a similar problem with Barron’s New SAT. Read on for the pros and cons of Barron’s guide to the SAT.


Barron's New SAT 

Amazon price: about $19


Barron's New SAT is another thorough prep book that offers content review, sample questions, and practice tests. Barron’s 29th Edition has four full-length practice tests, plus access to two more full-length online practice tests, meaning you’ll get about 24 hours of testing. It also offers a diagnostic test, a helpful tool to familiarize you with the SAT, get you into a testing mindset, and help you become aware of any weaknesses you need to address moving forward.

Barron’s is very comprehensive and covers most of the topics you need to know. Because of its dense format, it’s typically more effective for high scorers who are able to engage quickly with the content and maintain focus throughout. If you can divide up and scaffold the material in a manageable way, then you'll be able to gain some valuable practice with this book.



Barron’s has been criticized for recycling practice questions from its old books, rather than creating new SAT content, a problem that remains in the 29th edition. There are a lot more changes to the SAT than having four answer choices instead of five, so simply re-using old questions won’t give you a realistic sense of the question types and concepts on the SAT. This book appears especially guilty of this in its math sections, and it lacks a sufficient focus on algebra—a major component of the new SAT.

In addition to not being as realistic as they should be, some of the questions are overly confusing and have complicated wording. While the SAT will feature multi-step problems that call for in-depth reasoning skills, its problems will have relatively straightforward wording—much like its counterpart, the ACT. Therefore, the questions you’ll get in Barron’s, while helpful, may be too hard and not as useful as they could be for your SAT prep.


Princeton Review's Cracking the New SAT 2018

Amazon price: about $15 ($25 for premium version)


Like Barron's, Princeton Review's Cracking the New SAT prep book provides a comprehensive review of the three sections of the SAT. It has four full-length practice tests, as well as one additional practice tests that you can access online (or, if you get the premium version, three additional online practice tests). Princeton Review covers concepts you need to know, like grammar rules and algebraic functions, along with strategies for approaching the questions and managing your time.

It also gives thorough answer explanations which help you think about how you can approach similar questions in the future. Along with the book, there's an online component that helps you with scoring your practice tests. Given that this book is similar to Barron's in many ways, does it have the same drawbacks?



Princeton Review shares some of Barron’s drawbacks, mainly that some of its questions have overly elaborate wording and don’t match the straightforward style of official SAT questions as well as they should. The practice tests, while helpful, are not the best representation of SAT sample questions.

Unlike Barron's though, some of Princeton Review's content review and questions err on the side of being too easy conceptually, rather than too difficult. While Barron's might be better for especially motivated students aiming for top scores, Princeton Review is more appropriate for students scoring around 600 or below. It probably won't help you break out of that range and score much beyond that, especially since it doesn’t break each content area down into as many subtopics as it could.

The other potential downside of Princeton Review is its style. Like Barron's, it's a big, traditional test prep book with a straightforward approach. Some students appreciate this; others find itboring. If you're looking for a more personable or entertaining type of writing to keep you focused, these books are not the ones to break the mold. Unfortunately, books that used a more entertaining approach for the old SAT haven’t yet been updated for the new SAT.

All the books mentioned have strengths and weaknesses, but combined provide relatively comprehensive prep in all the important areas: practice questions, content review, and strategies. If you're looking to focus even more on a particular section, then you would benefit from a subject-specific test prep book. The following are my recommendations for SAT Math, Reading, and Writing.


Unlike his couches, this frog prefers his SAT prep one section at a time.


Best Books for SAT Math

Books that focus on a single subject often provide especially in-depth prep. Plus, they can be easier to approach than the huge comprehensive test prep books. If you need more prep in one section than the others or are taking advantage of your colleges' superscoring policies by building up your SAT scores one section at a time, then these books could be a great resource.

Below are my recommendations for math prep books, starting with Dr. Steve Warner's New SAT Math Problems.


Dr. Steve Warner's 320 SAT Math Problems 


Amazon price: about $30


Steve Warner’s New SAT Math Problemsis his most recent in SAT math preparation. Just like with his last series, Steve Warner offers comprehensive and clear content review and instruction. He discusses each area on the test: Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Geometry and Trigonometry (College Board calls this last section, Additional Topics).

This book helpfully arranges concepts by level of difficulty, with the easiest being Level 1 and the most advanced classified as Level 4. This organization ensures that math problems from all the different content areas are integrated, and it allows you to focus on certain chapters depending on your own level. Students already aiming in the 700s, for instance, will be helped most by studying Level 4 and 5 concepts and problems.

Each lesson in this book is carefully crafted, and practice problems are realistic and reinforce your understanding. The answer explanations are also useful, as they go over a few different approaches. As mentioned above, these kinds of multifaceted explanations appeal to different kinds of learners and allow you to carefully understand your mistakes and fix them for next time.



While it’s perhaps unfair to compare this book to its predecessors for the old version of the SAT, I can’t help but find it limited next to the previous Steve Warner series of math books. As more are updated and published, the Steve Warner books will be able to break down each content area into smaller and more specific subtopics.

The other downside of this book is its limited number of practice problems (only 320). While it’s helpful for instruction, you’ll want to supplement it with other practice materials for more hours of practice testing. The next two books offer many more practice problems for you to try as you study for the SAT Math section.


Dr. Jang's SAT 800 Math Workbook for the New SAT, Second Edition

Amazon price: about $25


Dr. Jang’s SAT 800 Math Workbook for the New SAT's major and impressive strength lies in its sheer number of practice problems—over 1,500 of them! This book definitely allows for a “learning by doing” approach, as you can time yourself and answer practice questions for days.

The question types are arranged by difficulty level, so you can break them up and customize them for your needs. You may start out with Dr. Jang’s diagnostic test and space out the book’s 10 sample tests as you prep.

Of course, having a lot of practice problems isn’t so useful unless the questions are good. Fortunately, Dr. Jang’s SAT math problems are realistic samples of what you’ll see on the SAT. The book emphasizes algebra, includes basic trigonometry, and divides questions into non-calculator and calculator sections, just like the test. It offers a strong representation of the concepts, format, and rules you’ll encounter on the math section of the SAT.



Dr. Jang’s SAT 800 Math Workbook is like the flipped version of Steve Warner’s book—lots of practice problems, but not a ton of content review. For more instruction, as well as strategies and detailed explanations, you’d probably want to supplement this workbook with another book.

You’ll also want to look elsewhere for test-taking strategies, like time management. This book has lots of practice problems appealing to students at all levels, but it’s probably not sufficient on its own to prep you for all aspects of SAT Math.


PWN The SAT: Math Guide 4th Edition

Amazon price: about $29


PWN the SAT is geared towards high-achieving, motivated students aiming for a top score in SAT Math. The book is written in an engaging, irreverent style, which helps students stay engaged with the material.

It's divided into five categories: Techniques, Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Additional Topics in Math. The book breaks down each SAT Math category into its component concepts.

It has realistic practice problems that are designated as either "Calculator" or "No calculator" to help you get ready for both question types. Each chapter also provides a list of official questions of a certain type to help you drill specific skills. 

Finally, you can register on the PWN SAT website to get bonus material, as well as watch video answer explanations that walk you through practice problems, step by step. 



The main con of PWN the SAT Math Guide is that its target audience is limited. It will help top scorers with strong math skills, but it won't be as accessible to students who struggle with math. 

If you're looking for foundational knowledge, then PWN the SAT isn't the book for you. It won't be the best resource to raise low math scores. Rather, it's better to bring already strong scores into the top percentiles. 


While there are works by several different authors to choose from to maximize your math score, I just have one author recommendation to boost your reading and writing scores: Erica Meltzer.


Quick coffee break, and then it's on to SAT Reading and Writing.


Best Books for SAT Reading and Writing

If you're looking to brush up your reading comprehension skills or knowledge of grammar rules, I recommend Erica Meltzer's books on the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT.


The Complete Guide to SAT Reading by Erica Meltzer, Third Edition


Amazon price: about $33


While studying for the Reading section might seem hard to break down into specific parts, The Complete Guide to SAT Reading does a good job of outlining the skills you'll need. It also has helpful strategies for answering questions. While your English class may leave more room for subjective interpretation, the SAT Reading section does not. This book helps you locate the one unambiguously correct answer on reading comprehension questions.

In addition to time management and reading comprehension techniques, this book teaches you how to locate and identify key information quickly and efficiency. It discusses useful strategies for approaching paired supporting evidence and data interpretation questions, many of which require you to read tables or graphs. Additionally, this book has a list of common, multiple-meaning words with their various definitions alongside strategies for how to use context clues to uncover meaning. 

This book also discusses question type, so you gain a sense of what kind of questions appear on Reading, like main point, interpretation of detail, and vocabulary in context. Finally, it's full of high quality passages that resemble what you'll see on the SAT, including passages from U.S. or world literature, history or social studies, and science. In addition to its own realistic practice questions, The Complete Guide to SAT Reading incorporates questions from College Board and Khan Academy so that you can match up concepts with relevant official sample questions.



Overall, students are highly satisfied with the content and strategies provided by Erica Meltzer. However, not all are a fan of the overall layout and formatting, which has small, crowded font and is not very creative. 

Similarly, the writing style is all to the point. Some people appreciate this for its directness; other students find it dry. You can learn more about it at Erica Meltzer's blog, The Critical Reader, and see how it suits you. It's also relatively expensive for a book that only covers one section of the SAT.

In addition to her guide to SAT Reading, Erica Meltzer provides a high quality book for the SAT Writing and Language section.


The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar by Erica Meltzer, Fourth Edition

Amazon price: about $30


The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar clearly articulates the important grammar rules you need to know for the SAT Writing section. The questions are realistic and resemble the Writing section, as they all are connected to the context of a longer passage.

This book breaks down skills and grammar rules so you can study them individually. By learning the rules of grammar and usage, you can then apply them to practice problems. Rather than just choosing an answer that "sounds right," Meltzer's book will teach you all the rules of grammar and usage that you need to know. 



While this book is helpful in the way it breaks the section down by skill and grammar rule, the questions on the real SAT will be in random order. This book is useful for learning and drilling the rules, but then you want to take practice tests to make sure you can still identify the grammar rule when it's not clearly laid out for you. There also isn't a frequency guide, so it's hard to know which rules to prioritize over others.

It is written in a similar style to her Critical Reading book, which some students find dry. These two books together, furthermore, are relatively expensive at a combined $50-60.

As this guide is meant to help you streamline your studying, let's discuss how you can best use these books to prep for the SAT and achieve your target scores.



How to Best Study From Books

There are a lot of options when it comes to studying for the SAT from books. Rather than reading them cover to cover, you would be better served coming up with a plan and breaking each book down into smaller, manageable goals. 

I would recommend using an official College Board practice test to give yourself a pre-test and gain a sense of your starting level. Take the time to score it and analyze your results to determine what areas you need to focus on. You could also save one of the tests to take right before you take the official SAT, to gain a sense of how much you've improved. As mentioned above, the other tests could be used as benchmarks along the way to gauge your progress and readjust your study plan if need be.  

A comprehensive book like Kallis' or Barron's could be used alongside a subject-specific book, like Steve Warner's math book and Erica Meltzer's guides. Depending on your goals and needs, you can decide how much time you devote to each subject to get the most out of your studying. 

There's a lot of room here to customize your study plan for your own particular strengths, weaknesses, and goals. This requires a good deal of planning, as well as self-discipline to actually stick to your plan. You also will benefit from reflecting on what works best for you in terms of maintaining interest, retaining information, and staying organized.

If this sounds like a lot of "study prep" before you even get to your test prep, you might benefit from exploring SAT prep options beyond using an SAT book list.


Time to explore!


Explore Your SAT Prep Options

The SAT is a unique test. Doing well in math and English class doesn't necessarily guarantee you a high score on SAT Math or Reading. Prep is a critical component of getting a high score for most students, which College Board is finally acknowledging with its efforts to provide free online practice material. Since you probably don't have time to waste, you want to make the most of your prep time. If you're taking time out of your schedule to study, you should see results. 

PrepScholar's online test program was developed with these goals in mind. It retains the quality of content review, practical strategies, and SAT practice questions while adding those elements of accountability and customization. It ensures that you're getting the most out of your prep time, rather than wasting time on material you already know or that won't help you on the SAT. 

With that same goal in mind, we've made available a number of in-depth strategy guides for the SAT, which we're adding to all the time. These are some of the most popular:


The recommended SAT prep books can be very useful in getting you ready, but they can also feel overwhelming and repetitive, not to mention expensive (unfortunately there aren't too many options when you search for "SAT preparation books PDF free download").

Take the time to explore your options, while also learning about the SAT from high quality online resources and our detailed guides. If you're putting in the time to prep for the SAT, make sure that you're seeing results and enjoying the process along the way.


What's Next?

Before delving into content and strategies, you should familiarize yourself with exactly what's on the SAT. Learn all about the Reading, Writing, and Math sections individually and in our Complete Guide to the SAT, fully updated for the 2016 revision of the test.

An important part of your study schedule is knowing exactly when you plan to take the SAT. Read all about how to choose your test dates.

Did you know that a lot of colleges superscore the SAT, or take your highest section scores across all dates? Learn how you can use this policy to your advantage and build up your scores across different test dates.


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