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International Assignment Consultant Job Description

International Assignment Consultant

An International Assignment Consultant works to coordinate the delivery of all kinds of international relocation and human resources-related services to customers. This could include:

  • intercultural services
  • home search
  • tenancy management
  • school search
  • international transportation
  • pet transportation
  • policy counseling
  • destination services
  • assignment management
  • expense management
  • VISA/ immigration services
  • repatriation
  • … and more

What does an International Assignment Consultant job description include?

  • An International Assignments Consultant will be the central point of communications for clients and customers.
  • They will work to provide ongoing support and information for client services teams, allowing teams to meet set programme goals. Staying customer focused is vital.
  • An International Assignments Consultant will work to manage all processes involved in an international assignment. Their aim is to coordinate the delivery of all services and tasks.
  • Provide leadership for different projects and programmes.
  • In the role of International Assignments Consultant you will be required to carry out full needs assessments and policy counseling as appropriate, ensuring clients get an excellent level of service.
  • To stay competitive, an International Assignment Consultant will need to be aware of assignment challenges within the international marketplace.
  • Work as part of a team and maintain data and filing systems.

Key skills and qualifications of an International Assignment Consultant:

  • Must be educated to degree level or equivalent.
  • An International Assignment Consultant need strong consultative skills, listening skills and the ability to interact with different levels are also vital.
  • This role demands strong interpersonal skills to maintain relationships and you must be a skilled negotiator.
  • Problem solving, researching, identifying and developing solutions to problems and also possessing decision making skills is essential for an International Assignment Consultant.
  • The ability to multi-task when needed and a keen eye for detail.
  • Must be familiar with computer software programs eg Microsoft Word, etc.

How to find more International Assignment Consultant jobs within the Assignment Services and Global Mobility industry:

To find more International Assignment Consultant jobs or other jobs within this sector, or to place a vacancy, please contact us. 

Domestic Relocation and International Assignment Management Solutions

Taking care of your relocating employees, simplifying your job, and eliminating any surprises are our pride and our passion. They are also our specialty. From our offices located around the world, Cartus works alongside your business through every step of the relocation process. Whether you are moving employees within a country or around the world, we're everywhere you need us to be.

The benefits of corporate relocation outsourcing

Outsourcing your relocation program allows you and your employees to focus on your main business while benefitting from Cartus' global experience, reach, and relationships with the best networks available anywhere.

Whether it's large-scale international assignments or ongoing domestic moves, or anything in between, we work as an extension of your business to keep things running smoothly.

Why outsource your corporate relocation program?

  • Focus on your core business. Outsourcing non-core competencies will allow you to focus on your core business, eliminating the administrative weight of managing the relocation process.
  • Benefit from scalability. Cartus can scale programs up and down with optimal efficiency, responding quickly to your organizational needs without unpredictable costs.
  • Manage overhead. When you outsource, there's no need to build internal systems or add overhead, freeing up resources to attend to your core business.
  • Generate cost savings. Outsourcing a relocation program can generate cost savings from a variety of sources, including more efficient shipment costs, home marketing and sales, better supplier pricing, and policy recommendations.
  • Maintain employee productivity. Your transferring employees receive dedicated relocation assistance from a single point of coordination, minimizing stress and enabling them to remain productive during a move.
  • Provide tax and compliance benefits. A relocation program can offer significant tax and compliance advantages, and we provide expertise in policy development and information on tax, legal, and compliance issues as we become aware of them.
  • Stay competitive. Offering a corporate relocation program as a benefit can make your company more attractive to new hire candidates and, by extension, more competitive in the recruiting process.

Trusted guidance—delivered directly

Our people have gained vast experience from being part of a company that assists more than 163,000 employees each year into and out of 185 countries. As part of your dedicated Cartus team, we assign a highly trained consultant to serve as your employee's day-to-day partner. He or she will seamlessly coordinate all aspects of the relocation experience, drawing on Cartus' expertise and resources and delivering them personally.

Your Cartus consultant begins by assessing your employee's needs and thoroughly explaining all authorized benefits. From there, he or she guides your employees through each step in the relocation process, including arranging services in the host location, shipping household goods, selling the employee's current home, or scheduling cross-cultural or intercultural training.

Most important, Cartus consultants always keep in sharp focus the challenges and stresses that relocating employees and their families face, successfully managing the multiple issues that compete for attention. As a result of their dedicated efforts, family transitions are easier and transferees are able to focus on the demands of their new position.

For more information on Domestic Relocation and International Assignment Solutions, contact Cartus.

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