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Futaba 14sg Switch Assignment Discovery

Kimchiyuk. When you assign LD in the Throttle Cut Menu it is acting as an on/off switch. If you turn it past a set point it offsets the throttle barrel to the “kill” position. When you assign RD as a trim it is acting as a control and, as you have noted, this causes the throttle barrel to move proportionally with the risk of upsetting the idle setting if it is not reset precisely.

Probably the simplest way to set up RD as an on/off switch for the second engine is to follow Ivanc’s suggestion of a Programmable mix. If you need help with this, please ask.

If you are willing to use a single throttle cut switch for both engines Futaba provide a tailor-made function on the 14SG for controlling twin IC engines, although they do not advertise it as such. As it may be of interest to other readers, here is a brief explanation.

Set up one engine in the normal way with the Throttle Function. Set up throttle cut, idle down, exponential or throttle curves as required.

Now connect the second engine to a spare channel and assign Fuel Mix in the Function Menu. Go to the Fuel Mix Menu and activate it. For a basic setup, that is all that is required.

The Fuel Mix will automatically respond to whatever control is assigned to the Throttle Function (e.g. J3). Any switches assigned to Idle Down and Throttle Cut are also automatically adopted by Fuel Mix but you can enter different idle down and throttle cut values for the second engine. This greatly simplifies setup.

The Fuel Mix channel can also automatically follow any exponential and Throttle Curve settings applied to the Throttle Channel.

For those who want more sophistication, the Fuel Mix function has its own adjustable curve. With the aid of a tachometer it only takes a few seconds to synchronise the engine speeds throughout their range.

Finally, Fuel Mix has the scope to vary the mix volume. By assigning a dial or slider for fine tuning, the top end speeds can easily be matched exactly prior to each take off. You can, of course, also assign a separate trim control to Fuel Mix if required.

By using two different Functions, rather than Throttle on both engine channels, there is scope for mixes such as differential engine control activated by the rudder to ease ground (and especially water) handling.


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