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Top 10 Worst Homework Excuses Monologue

This was a bad idea.

Did I think this was a good idea? Why did I think this was a good idea?

This was a bad idea.

There was silence in the room. I could feel my face burning as Miss Snoe just stared at me, dusty grey eyes wide and frozen. The only noise in the room was a few giggles and snickers from those who were still standing, but Miss Snoe hadn’t even moved. She still sat against her desk, arms crossed over her chest, with lifted eyebrows.

Then the face quickly changed into angles, a look of serious disbelief on her features as she quirked her lips.

“Seriously, Jhen?” The woman asked as I uselessly drifted my arms beside my hips. “Is that really the best you could do?”

“But it did happen!” I insisted, but Miss Snoe has already turned around, writing something on the board. I resisted the temptation to throw a tantrum. It’s not fair. The one time – the one time I forget my homework, I don’t lie, and I still get dismissed. Unbelievable.

“Miss Siad, you are in top set English.” She commented, her back still turned to me. Rude. “I believe you can come up with a better story than that, correct?”

The look she gave me when she finally turned around was slightly narrowed and, I realised soon, challenging.

I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge.

If you know anything about me, Jhennifer Siad, is that you know I’m stubborn. I don’t take kindly to teasing and I will prove myself. You’re joking about how weak I am? Punch to the face. Easy solution. I’m confrontational.

That’s one of the reasons the dog ate my homework.

Ah, yes. The dog. Dog. Stupid, impotent, daft, greedy idiotic, useless dog. The dog. It wasn’t me who got the dog. Gosh no, why would I ever get that beast?

His name is Bax. I call him Box. Box is a… problem dog. With me, only, that is. Oh, he loves little Mariana. It was her birthday present, after all. She’s taught him all kinds of tricks and everything, sit, lay, bark. In other words he does something as simple as sit down to lick his legs and she coos all over him and gives him treats to make him even more fat.

But is he nice with me? Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Box isn’t allowed in my room, I always close the doors yet somehow he manages to get in and chew something up. I’m the one getting barked at when we’re eating, and I get told off by Mum and Dad even though I didn’t do anything.

It wasn’t too long before I was going to leave school. We were packing our things into our bags when I realised my English homework wasn’t in there, a page-lengthed essay on whether Frankenstein decision to create The Monster was beneficial or not. I ran upstairs to check my room and walked in just as Box was jumping against my beside table. Before I could do anything he knocked it over, sending all of the papers flying all over the ground and grabbed a few and sprinted down the stairs.

The chase began.

And then it ended, with me slipping face-first into the floor as I rounded the corner into the kitchen.

That scared Dad, apparently, who was just coming in through the garden door with grimy boots, enough to make him all over and Bax ran into the garden, ripping apart the pieces of paper – one of which was my English homework – as well as shoving it further into the mud.

The whole class stared at me, and I stared right back, determined. I was not getting in trouble for telling the truth. I would fight the entire council if it meant no detentions! If the teacher doesn’t believe me, I’m ranting all the way home.

Miss Snoe stood still for a second, staring at me once more, something akin to shock or surprise on her face. Like she hadn’t expected a legitimate explanation of the whole ‘my dog ate my homework’ thing.

Then she rolled her eyes and turned. I’m still not sure if I was imagining her trying to fight back a smile.

“That’s enough, Miss Siad.” She said as she crossed the classroom to her desk and laptop. She sat down.

I stood there, glancing around awkwardly. Were we done? Do I still get detention? Why wasn’t she saying anything.

The woman glanced up once more, as though only now realising I was still standing tall and straight in the middle of class like an elevator. You know, if elevators could turn blinding right and glance from side to side rapidly. A smirk appeared on her features.

“You can sit down now, Jhennifer.” She commented naturally. I blinked. As I slowly descended to my seat, still very aware of everyone staring at me with large, taunting grins, Miss Snoe peeked up once more. “And tell your dad I hope he gets better.”

Top 10 homework excuses | Ranking the best from the worst

We’ve all gone through the schooling stage. We were all once kids and teenagers, and we all thought at some point that there has to be more to life than getting stuck with a big homework assignment over the weekend.

The average person isn’t a fan of homework but we all had to do it growing up. It didn’t come without hesitation and a few creative excuses, however. Counting down from 10 all the way to one, these are the top homework excuses teachers and parents from around the United States  hear each and every day.

10. I didn’t want to do it

This will teach you a lot about your student and/or child. If they don’t hesitate to say they just didn’t want to do the assignment then you know they’re being serious. And brutally honest. You might get away with it from the teacher but prepare for at least a week without your cell phone if your parents hear you say this.

9. Family pet ate it

Obviously this is a horrible and overused excuse but sometimes it’s legit. Whether it was a dog, cat, bunny or guinea pig, the family pet doesn’t know nor does it care what you’re doing or how important it may be. Just make sure you keep an eye on what you’re working on at all times or put it in your notebook or binder. The best part about this excuse is it could get you off the hook with your parents. Your teacher, however, is another story.

8. Left it at school over the weekend

Tough. Leaving your homework at school over the weekend isn’t a good excuse. Organization can be tough to learn especially throughout the teen stages but learning young can result in better results in the later stages of life.

7. I don’t know where it is

Again. Tough luck. It’s the students responsibility to know where their homework is and that it’s done by the due date. Keeping everything organized in binders or folders is an easy task to complete.

6. I was gone when it was assigned

99.9% of the time teachers get homework assignments to those that are gone. Either they make arrangements prior or they put their trust in another student (a friend) to deliver the assignment to them. Now with technology students will have those assignments sent directly to them regardless of the reason they’re not in school.

5. I’m sick

The oldest excuse in the book. Or second oldest. If nobody falls for the “my dog ate it” excuse then this is always next on the list. And very rarely will it work especially with the teachers.

4. Blame the siblings

Because why not?

3. Don’t understand the assignment

Everyone learns differently. Some are quick learners and just need to hear directions once. Some not so quick, ultimately requiring another lesson or two to get a good grasp on the subject. But sometimes you need to take a shot in the dark and learn from the mistakes.

2. Night filled with extra-curriculars

From sports practice to an after-school job to attending school-related events, nights are often packed tight. Sometimes from the minute school gets out until it’s time to crawl into bed and start all over again. Nobody wants to do homework at 10pm but sometimes that’s the only option. Otherwise the basketball game that went into overtime can be your excuse.

1. The WiFi wasn’t working

With the evolution of technology and the convenience of the Internet eventually comes the issues. Schools have the option to provide their students with their own laptops or tablets for school use and thus require assignments on the devices out of school. Technology problems, such as a device or WiFi issue, is a real excuse for missing a due date.

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