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Lord Of The Flies Message In A Bottle Assignment Of Mortgage


Posted onOctober 2, 2008

Set-Up: Apologies to romantic Kevin Costner films and a classic song by the Police, I’m going to bring out the “message in a bottle” concept to see how each of you can play around with the mindset of one of the character’s on the island at this point in the story.


  • Pick a character that you are beginning to figure out in terms of their inner feelings and motivations.
  • Write a private letter from them to ‘someone’ in the real world.  Note:  they have secretly put this note into a bottle that will to be  tossed into the ocean in hopes of being read one day.
  • Offer a hint of how this character is privately seeing the events on the island unfold and what they really think about the group dynamics, chances of survival, etc.
  • Bonus: can you write it so that it ‘sounds’ like their personality (as well as what they are thinking)?

Hint: Tell us right away how far you’ve read so that we have a sense of what you are familiar with as the letter is written. Try to focus on their inner mind, not just the plot of the story.

Length: 7+ sentences

Like this:




Essay on The Message of The Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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The Message of The Lord of the Flies by William Golding

William Golding has successfully conveyed the message of Lord of the Flies to the reader. The novel portrays the malicious nature of mankind, through the use of symbolism, where the author makes use of details with second meanings. Throughout the novel, symbolism, which is of both characters and other significant objects, is used, in order to stress the novels message.

Lord of the Flies is a story that begins in the aftermath of a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean during a war, in which a group of English schoolboys are isolated on an island. They are under no adult supervision and are left to fend for themselves, create their own…show more content…

The main characters also depict the effects that arise between dissimilar types of individuals when put under the same circumstances, which is also facilitated by the symbolism of characters.

Throughout the novel Golding relates the life of the boys to the real world as an allegory. The changes experienced by one character differ from those endured by another, and this is attributable to the physical and mental differences between them. Although all the characterisation helps to convey the novel's message, it is the three main characters that appear to have been well symbolised to represent different aspects of society, such as dictators, the public and academia of the world.

Ralph acts as the democratic politics in society, representing law, order, organized society and moral integrity. He looks out for others and tries to make the society function properly by making everyone's opinions heard: "give him the conch". He has a sense of responsibility although he undergoes changes that are difficult for him to comprehend.

"Ralph was puzzled by the shutter that flickered in his brain. There was something he wanted to say; then the shutter had come down" Chapter 8

This shows the way that he begins to feel confused and lost in the environment. The other boys become less convinced in the reliability of Ralph and so order and society deteriorates.

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